Friday, May 27 2011, 12:54

This conference, which took place on the 27th of May in Odessa, Ukraine, brought together experts, academics, civil society representatives and diplomats from different countries of the European Union and the Black Sea region, including the Caucasus, to look at the state of play on democratic culture and governance in the area. Topics were reviewed to assess the quality of governance and democracy such as media pluralism, political participation (youth, women), parliaments and government, the rule of law and predictability, checks and balances, reform of the judiciary, democratic control of the security forces and local democracy.

The conference serves as a basis for a continuation of the project through a book and follow-up conference. At a time when the image of politics generally in many countries is not especially high, this conference seeks to open up a debate in a strategic region to help consolidate confidence and political stability, also by engaging local and regional actors in this dialogue.

The Black See-project as a whole is sponsored by the Austrian Foreign Ministry and supported by the international department of the City of Vienna. The international conference in Odessa is organised by Vice President of the Institute for Parliamentarism an Democracy Questions, Dr Melanie Sully.

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