Magische Fontein van Montjuïc in Barcelona
date June 18, 2012 - June 19, 2012
city Barcelona, Spain
location EIPA - European Institute of Public Administration - Barcelona Show location
organisation European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA)

Target group

This seminar is directed at national and regional civil servants and lawyers who require a better understanding of the processes of EU decision-making, delegated and implementing acts, legal transposition and practical implementation in the European Union after Lisbon, at the European, national and regional levels.


This seminar will provide in-depth training on the European regions’ role in EU decision-making and both, ‘direct and indirect implementation’ of EU law and policies. The first day will be devoted to the EU legislative procedures after Lisbon with a particular focus on the regions’ role in the policy-making process. It will look at legally-binding acts on the basis of powers, specifically delegated to the European Commission in EU secondary legislation and related modifications introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon (Article 290-291 TFEU). It reviews the role and the workings of committees in the process of EU policy-making with the main focus being on the committees assisting the European Commission in the implementation of EU legislation - the so-called ‘comitology committees’ - but also on the growing importance of Expert Advisory Groups working with the Commission. The focus on comitology committees involves detailed analysis of the formal procedures under which these committees work, the role of the European Parliament in scrutinising implementing and delegated acts, and the role of regions in particular.

The second day will be devoted to the legal transposition and practical implementation of legislative and non-legislative acts. The day will involve a detailed examination of the processes of national implementation in key sectors (including transport and social policy), with a particular focus on regions and some of the most relevant recent Internal Market Directives.

Learning Methodology

The course will include a range of presentations as well as interactive elements such as group work, , case-studies and a video.


This course will give participants a sound understanding of the role of the regions in the new system of legal acts within the Union, with special attention paid to delegated acts as well as implementing acts (Art. 290-291 TFEU). In addition, participants should be well-prepared for effective participation in, or providing input for, comitology committee meetings in Brussels. They should have a good understanding of the national and regional transposition procedures as well as the specific role of the regions in the Member States’ compliance with EU legislation.

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European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA)

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