Kommission für Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien

The Commission for the History of Parliamentarianism and Political Parties (KGParl) was founded in Bonn in 1951 by a group of renowned historians, jurists and political scientists. Since then its main objective has been basic research in the historical development of parliamentarianism and political parties. Recently the Commission has put a new focus on comparative research in the development of European parliamentarianism and the relationship between parliament, media and the public sphere.

With more than 250 publications since 1952 it has made fundamental contributions to the knowledge and understanding of political and parliamentary development during the nineteenth and twentieth century especially in Germany.

Its text editions, monographs and reference books on various topics related to parliamentarianism (e.g. on elections, the German electoral system, parliamentary factions, the social structure of party memberships and many more), are considered as benchmark studies in the field of parliamentary and political history.

Recent publications are:

Wahlen und Wahlkämpfe in Deutschland. Von den Anfängen im 19. Jahrhundert bis zur Bundesrepublik, hg. v. Gerhard A. Ritter, 1997 (Elections and election campaigns in Germany from nineteenth century till now)

Robert Arsenschek, Der Kampf um die Wahlfreiheit im Kaiserreich. Zur parlamentarischen Wahlprüfung und politischen Realität bei den Reichstagswahlen 1871-1914, 2003 (The struggle for electoral freedom in imperial Germany. Parliamentary scrutiny after the elections to German Reichstag 1871-1914)

Albert S. Kotowski, Zwischen Staatsräson und Vaterlandsliebe. Die Polnische Fraktion im Deutschen Reichstag 1871-1918, 2007 (Between reason of state and patriotism. The Polish faction in German Reichstag)

Die GRÜNEN im Bundestag. Sitzungsprotokolle 1983-1987, hrsg. v. J. Boyer und H. Heidemeyer, 2008 (The GREEN Party in the German Bundestag. Minutes of the meetings of the parliamentary party, edited by J. Boyer and H. Heidemeyer, 2008)