Center for Historical Research

The Center for Historical Research was founded in 2012 in the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The mission of the Center is to systematically develop methodologies and approaches of global, comparative, and transnational history in different fields of historical research. The research on the history of parliamentarism and constitutionalism in Russian and Eurasian history is one of the foci of the work of the Center.

Alexander Semyonov has explored the history of the first Russian parliament (the State Duma) in the context of imperial diversity and mass politics in late imperial period. He also worked on the history of liberalism in the context of imperial politics. Ivan Sablin has explored on the concept of autonomy in Siberia and Inner Asia and, recently, the problem of democracy and representation in the Revolution and Civil War in Siberia and the Far East. At the core of these projects are the questions of political representation outside of the normative nation-sate model and in the context of religious, ethnic, and regional diversity, as well as the global circulations of ideas about representation and democracy. Most recently, the Center has entered into a partnership with University of Goettingen (Prof. Matthias Koenig)  and University of Eastern Finland (Prof. Jeremy Smith) on the basis of a research project “Post-imperial Diversities: Majority-minority Relations in the Transition from Empires to Nation-states" for exploration of history of constitutions and constitutional debates in political transformations of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

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