Comité d'Histoire Parlementaire et Politique

The Committee of Parliamentary and Political History (Comité d'histoire parlementaire et politique - CHPP) was founded in 2003 by French historians. It is an association opened to teachers, researchers, students, parliamentarians, local representatives, and all people interested in political history and parliamentary studies.

The CHPP organizes colloquiums and helps to publish original researches – collected essays and conference proceedings – about political history and parliamentary studies, mainly about France and Europe. In 2010, it created the “Cliopolis” series at Pepper/L’Harmattan.

All these activities are announced on the website of the CHPP (, that also includes a bibliography of French parliamentarian history and a database of one thousand academic masters and theses in political history.

The CHPP also publishes Parlement(s), Revue d’histoire politique, an academic journal of political history and parliamentarian studies, three times a year. Each thematic issue contains original articles, commented sources and a book review. The essays published in 2007-2010 underlines the diversity of topics and authors gathered by the journal: 46% deals with parliamentary studies and 54% with other subjects. They deal with France (79%), Europe (18%) and the rest of the World, and are written by historians (76%), political scientists (13%), jurists, legal historians, etc., from the PhD students to the emeritus professors.

The entire collection is available online: (free access to the commented sources and the books reviews, complete free access after three years), abstracts are available in French and in English on our website: