Institute of Political Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Political Science was established on 1 March 2002 as a result of transformation of the Institute of Politology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in compliance with Resolution No. 14 of the Presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences with the effect from 1 February 1990.

The mission of the Institute of Political Science of the SAS is basic research into political relations and processes within their internal and international political contexts.

The Institute focuses on conducting studies in the area of international relations and political systems, the history of political thought, the research methods of political sciences and recent political history.

The work of the team of internal and external researchers in collaboration with both domestic and foreign institutions aims at interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research into political activities, their selected aspects, especially social, nationality, psycho-political and historic; such is also the nature of its synthesising outcomes.