The Montesquieu Institute

The Montesquieu Institute for the study of comparative European parliamentary history and constitutional development was launched in the summer of 2007.

The Montesquieu Institute is a multifunctional research and educational institute for comparative parliamentary history and constitutional development in Europe. It cooperates with other scientific institutes in The Netherlands and in Europe.

With the aid of an electronic knowledge exchange network, the institute strives to bring knowledge regarding comparative parliamentary history and constitutional development within reach of scientists, administrators, civil servants, the media, politicians and interested civilians in a timely and manageable way.

The Montesquieu Institute is an initiative by:

- Campus The Hague, Leiden University

- Public law department of the Faculty of Law, University of Maastricht

- Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG), Radboud University of Nijmegen

- Documentation Centre Dutch Political Parties (DNPP), University of Groningen

- Parliamentary Documentation Centre (PDC), Leiden University

The Montesquieu Institute collaborates with other research centres and institutes in Europe on research and educational programmes that focus on parliamentary history, political culture, and political relations and developments in the EU member states and the European Union. It is a meeting point for researchers from all over Europe.

The Montesquieu Institute will also disclose information on the polity of the Netherlands and of the European Union towards members of the administration, journalists, politicians and interested citizens, on the internet in a user-friendly and manageable way.

The Montesquieu Institute operates from several locations: it is seated in The Hague, close to the Dutch Parliament, as well as in Maastricht. In the course of 2008, it started its activities in Groningen and Nijmegen.

For further information regarding courses, programmes and various activities: