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March 2010 EuParl Working Conference

United Kingdom

The EuParl board met for a working conference in London in march 2010. The meeting had fruitful discussion which led to several decisions being made. The main decision was that institutes invited to join would not necessarily have to be specialised in parliamentary history, but could also be multidisciplinary, like the Montesquieu Institute.

The meeting started with an introduction of the new French member; Comité d’histoire parlementaire et politique, which organises seminars and meetings between academics and politicians. Several prospective members were discussed from Italy, Spain and Luxembourg as well as from the UK. And the Finnish institute was admitted into the network.

Moreover, the board discussed several prospective events that the members might organise. There were some events that involved cooperation between two institutes, which was highly encouraged. Prof. Chrysos from Greece proposed a cooperative research project that could involve several members, and was asked to elaborate on that in a proposal.