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Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2020

We are happy to inform you that the Autumn/Winter 2020 issue of newsletter has just been published. You can read the news from parliamentary history research in this difficult year...

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ParlaCLARIN II went virtual, yet produced real work

The second workshop of the ParlaCLARIN project, dealing with parliamentary records and the methods of their digital analysis, took place on May 11, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the main conference was postponed, and the workshop was held online. Yet, the...

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Launching the KGParl Newsletter

The German Commission for the History of Parliamentarism and Political Parties (KGParl) published the first issue of its newsletter. It seeks to inform about latest books and events, its ongoing projects - and one neglected anniversary: in the spring of 1990, the East...

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Report: Finally Alone.

Two-day workshop Finally Alone: The Nation State, Representation, and Sovereignty in Central Europe after 1989 was held in Bratislava on 25-26 September, 2019. Its concept sought to tell an non-triumphalist story of the peaceful revolutions that brought Communist...

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Prague Board Meeting of

The Board of Directors held its meeting in Prague on 11 October, 2019. The board members discussed news from member organizations, the plans for coming years as well as the network's publishing strategies. The meeting took place in the former Federal...

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Women Entering Parliamentary Stage

Futuristic buildings of the German Bundestag in Berlin hosted the conference „Entering the Parliamentary Stage: Women in Parliament and Politics in International Comparison“ on 6-8 March 2019. The three days brought together a community of scholars, students and...

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Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2018 is out!

We are happy to inform you that the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of newsletter has just been published. Do enjoy the Holiday season! You can read the news from parliamentary history research here:

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Brief report: Conference “Century of Women MPs”

On 5-7 September, London's University of Westminster and the History of Parliament hosted the "Century of Women MPs" conference. What seemed to be an event commemorating the extension of electoral rights of 1918 in the UK, turned out be a fascinating picture of...

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CfP: Parliaments and the Politicization of the EU

4th TRACE Symposium will be held on May 31st to June 1st, 2018 at University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The call for papers is open now. EU scholarship has tended to underplay the role of national and European parliaments in European politics. Specialists in parliamentary...

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CLARIN workshop ‘Working with Parliamentary Records’

CLARIN is a research infrastructure that was initiated from the vision that all digital language resources and tools  from all over Europe and beyond should be accessible through an online environment for the support of researchers in the humanities and social...

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Czech Ministry supports

Adéla Gjuričová from the Institute of Contemporary History in Prague received a 3-year grant from the Czech Ministry of Education within the Inter-Excellence scheme. This will make it possible for the Institute to take a share of the administration, to...

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Fraktionsprotokolle of the German Bundestag, 1949-1990

»Fraktionen im Deutschen Bundestag 1949–1990« is an exceptional project of the German Kommission für Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien (KGParl) dealing with the records of the meetings of CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and the Green Party (as of 1983)....

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The House of Orange under Scrutiny

Carla von Baalen from the Dutch Centre for Parliamentary History/Montesquieu Institute was appointed the head of a committee of inquiry concerning the finance of Royal Family of the Netherlands. The committee investigates a supposed deal between the Dutch government...

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Monday, 4 September 2017 The network is spreading further south and east, adopting new members from Romania (Sorin Radu from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), Russia (Alexander Semyonov from National Research University-Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg)...

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onday, 24 April 2017 The Board of Directors held their annual meeting on 10 April 2017 at the Institute of Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. The board discussed the current projects as well as planned activities, adopted new members,...

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April 2015 Newsletter issued

Friday, 1 May 2015 The April 2015 Newsletter has been issued. In this newsletter more information on the international conference in Berlin and other upcoming events organised by members is available. Our summary of a recently...

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November 2014 Newsletter issued

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 The November 2014 Newsletter has been issued. In this newsletter presents some of the upcoming activities and we present an ambitious program for the next three years, including annual conferences in Berlin, London and...

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Sunday, 8 June 2014 The June 2014 Newsletter has been issued. In this newsletter, you will find more details about the third International Conference, news from our participants, and recent relevant publications in Europe.

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